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Spain's Melilla enclave invasion

Spain's Melilla enclave invasion
Опубликовано 17 Сен 2013 г.
"Around 300 sub-Saharan immigrants tried to jump the fence of Melilla on 6:30 am on Tuesday and about 100 have succeeded, according to reports from the Government Office. While some of the immigrants climbed the wall, others threw objects at border guards that were trying to stop them. Six guards were treated for minor injuries and an immigrant suffered a broken leg after falling from the fence and was transferred to the Hospital of Melilla.

While some of the immigrants climbed the wall, others threw objects at border guards that were trying to stop them, the government said.

Spain has two enclaves in Morocco, Ceuta and Melilla.

The immigrants were taken to an internment center where Spain attempts to establish their identity and nationality. Depending on treaties between Spain and the country of origin of each immigrant, some are repatriated and others are allowed into Spain.

Many of the migrants enter Melilla - where Spain reinforced the perimeter wall a few years ago - with no documentation.

Every year thousands of African immigrants try to reach Spanish and Italian territory on small rafts, and there are rescues and drownings almost every week."

Does this not scare the hell out of you? Imagine if YOUR white family lived anywhere near these 'wonderful' people, flooding into YOUR neighbourhood. I'm sure they're all doctors, engineers, physicists, etc.
This is an INVASION. Where are all the WOMEN? Why are they all MEN? Why don't they want to live in their OWN country, around their OWN kind? Because they are thieves and parasites, just like the filthy Jews who FORCED them onto us.
Have you had enough of this yet? Are you sick of seeing brown faces wherever you go?

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